In this fast forward life, how much time do we have to give our time and attention to learn something about that might be useful for us but still cannot catch our attention? That is the key of web designing. And as self explanatory is the word development is, it is what happens on the inside like testing the usability.

All websites have their own different aspects and firstly let’s discuss some aspects of web designingand development.

APPEARANCE: What is the first thing we notice about something or someone? Its/their appearance. This is human psychology and thus the color scheme, the graphics have to be really catchy. The graphic designer should know how and what color scheme should be used to attract the customers. It should reflect what the entrepreneur wants to portray.

CONTENT: It is all the information of the product that is available on the website.  A well experienced editor and copywriter create text, photos, other media and information. The content should be informative and to the point. It includes the benefits of the products sold on the website to all the policies for the consumers.

USABILITY: All in all, usability would mean that how the website looks through the viewer’s lenses. Some very important points from the customers point of view would be:

  • Is the website slow and time consuming or working fine?
  • Does the website lead the customer where they need to be?
  • Does the website work fine?
  • Is the website user friendly and easy to use?

FUNCTIONALITY: Functionality includes features like animation, and all other interactive areas of the website. Different kinds of programming languages are used in web development. The programmers work on a web browser or server. It majorly refers to the tasks related to development of the website. Web developers have the skills to change a stable layout into a phenomenal and dynamic by using their creativity through colors, images, media, activated links and other different interactive aspects. In this present scenario and modern era, when almost everything has gone digital. Consumers search for products, services, prices and then choose accordingly. Thus, consumer satisfaction is extremely important and for them to reach to a genuine website, the website designing and development plays and extremely important role.