Want to create a blog? Well, all you require is a skill. Yes, you read it right. It could be multiple skills but you could get going with just one skill and that is why blogging is becoming so popular.

WordPress was initiated as a blogging tool but its evolution throughout the years has made it a strong website builder too. It is used by some of the biggest brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney, The new yorker and more.

Let’s have a glance about the hype of wordPress being the best:

WHO DOES NOT LIKE FREEBIES? WordPress is a free platform where you can create so much and that too without spending. If you think you have a skill or talent, you have nothing to lose. Even though it might not work for some, but you are not investing any money and so, it is absolutely safe to try your luck and ideas.

IT IS SEO FRIENDLY: Search engines like google love wordPress. That is why it is ranked above in different search engines. It is very user friendly as per design. You could also use SEO add-ons to further boost your website.

USER FRIENDLY: It comes with a management system that has built-in updates for you. That means that you can change your themes from the homepage or dashboard itself. Another plus point would be that it notifies you whenever there is an update and you can do it with a simple click. You can also secure your data by creating backup.

SAFETY IS THE KEY: It is an extremely secured platform. But as we all know how much cyber crime has raised because of the evolving technology. Well, there are pros and cons to everything. But wordPress is built by keeping safety and security as the main objective.

CUSTOMISE THEMES AND PLUGINS: As it is a free platform, most of the users are just beginners or you could say freshers. For people who are not big at technology can also use it very conveniently because of its numerous in built templates and themes that are quite easy to customize because so many are already in the panel which allows in uploading logos, changing the background accordingly without any coding.

You can use wordPress for starting a blog, building a membership website, start any kind of online store, for selling online courses. There is so much more to it!